ok so i was listening to this talk recently where the topic was how in experimental physics or experiments in general why the majority is always wrong. Now it says in any given random situation when hit with a road block, either the person or people do more of the same things they were doing earlier, or do less of the same things. And the percentage of people who would try new methods or do something totally new would be between 0–5%. And that is probably because the majority have something called as mental myopia or tunnel vision where in people will not give a new set of information to change their course of nature as they are comfortable and adapted to what they have already been doing. This, obviously, shows lack of creativity and thus a loop of already happening things. Now people who are involved in the loop aren’t aware of how catastrophic their actions are due to the ripple effect. This lack of innovation has caused success to slow down or unattainable. Now this all can be understood in confines of experiments, marketing, business; in fact the global economy wherein innovation is the key and your key card in the cut throat competition.

But that is not the point of this blog. From the above paragraph I want you to focus on how the majority is wrong. The majority are those people who are doing the same actions without any intentional change or upgrade. The point of this blog is I want to take the above points and add them to the world of politics. I want to somehow show that how in politics the majority are almost always wrong and what better time to write about this than the thriving youth protests in the country protesting against the citizenship amendment bill. Now let’s make one thing clear even though over a lakh people gathered protesting against the bill on December 19 at August Kranti Maidan might look like a big number but it is *not the majority*; The majority are those who support it (By now I hope you have sensed where I am going with this). Now if the supreme court is able to prove that CAB is injustice to the basic human rights of the people and repels it out, that means everybody who supported it was wrong. Citizens who mentally and vocally approved this bill were wrong. And who were these people? The majority. Thus proving the majority was wrong. THE MAJORITY WAS WRONG. And why was the majority wrong? Because they believed in an niche method of segregating people on the basis of religion while attacking a certain minority i.e muslims. And the other terminology for having a niche ideology? A tunnel vision. A mental myopia. YES I KNOW RIGHT. The same aspects that were involved in the experiment are being seen in politics. And this readers, is the whole point of the blog. Now god-forbid even if CAB is not deemed unconstitutional, there are plenty more examples. England voting for Brexit is a better example because the citizens literally where given power through vote and got to decide if England should remain in the EU or not. They voted for the exclusion of britain from European Union. One of the biggest mistakes to happen in the course of the british politics. The majority was wrong. Their reason or one of their reasons for it was due to their tunnel vision. Every bad decision that has ever happened due to a majority just goes to prove that they were wrong.

Now as you know every theory has several exceptions or loopholes. I will admit this theory also has loopholes. Now in the cases of bad political and economical decisions, this theory holds pretty tight. But there are those situations where even if there was no negative or catastrophic outcome, the majority was still wrong. For example, Manmohan Singh served as the prime minister of India from 2004–2014. Now those years were one of the best GDP growth years India had ever scene in it’s lifestyle given the economical brilliance of Mr. Singh. But as you are also aware that decade saw several corruption scams as well. That means in that day and age, all those majority who voted for him were wrong. But that was because of a niche reason or anything. This theory is subjective as the Republicans are always going to find Democratics at fault and vice versa. During the ten years of Manmohan Singh, every rightist must have thought the majority was wrong to vote for him. During Modi, every person who didn’t vote for him knew the majority was wrong. Thus due to this loophole every event in history where there was a majority involved was wrong.